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Hansjörg Göritz


Principal, AKN, FL, BDA/aoM, DWB, AIA Intl Assoc, AFAAR


Hansjörg Göritz is the founding principal of the Hans­jörg Göritz Studio GbR, established in Germany in 1986. As a practicing architect, designer, educator, and author he is associated with pure and minimalist architecture, empha­siz­ing place, space, light and mate­rial. Apprenticed as a mason, carpenter, and an architectural autodidact, he was trained in Hildesheim, and at the AA Lon­don.


He taught in Germany as a visiting professor at Hildesheim in 1995 - 1997, and as a full professor at Dortmund 1999 - 2001. He is currently a practicing full professor at the University of Tennessee College of Architecture and Design, and a 2015 visiting adjunct professor at Auburn, Alabama. International invitations to prestigious universities, diverse exhibitions, lectures and conferences in Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Italy, Turkey, Norway, Australia, Canada, and the United States, include the 1996 Venice Architecture Biennale, the Accademia di Architettura in Mendrisio in 1999, and Yale in 2014.


A recipient of numerous awards, most prestigious honors include the 1996 Baukunst Award of the Berlin Academy of Arts, and the 2010 International Brick Award for the Prin­ci­pal­ity of Liech­ten­stein state forum, gardens and assem­bly. He is a Prometheus Medalist and an Affili­ated Fel­low to the American Acad­emy in Rome.


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Matthew Hall


Senior Associate, RA


After close to a decade of Matt Hall closely collaborating with Hansjörg Göritz on a variety of endeavors, joining the Studio as a senior associate appears a logical move. His upbringing predestines him for working with us in a key position. With countless moves in a military family to suburban no-places and sterile outposts ingrained spare aesthetics and utilitarian nature of the banality of the spaces combined with military hardware. It lead to an infatuation with material honesty, a penchant for the minimalist and a fascination with the pragmatic. Matt also teaches as an Assistant Professor at Auburn University. As a seasoned practitioner and educator, his interest in meaningful and honest architecture breeds a fascination with bygone archetypes, the machine age, and a cynical approach to the valorization of the new.




Melissa Morris


Associate, cand arch


Melissa Morris joined the Hansjörg Göritz Studio in 2013. She grew up on a family farm in Sweetwater, Tennessee. With a sincere appreciation for authenticity she went on to study Interior Design at Carson Newman University to receive a Bachelor of Science in 2010. During her undergraduate education, interning at an architecture firm became an inspiring experience to expand on a holistic understanding of the build environment, form and space. Ultimately she pursued a career in architecture, acquiring a Master of Architecture degree from the University of Tennessee in 2014. Upon moving to Hamburg, Germany, and then on to Los Angelos she holds the position as an associate, representing the Hansjörg Göritz Studio in the US.




Gisela Göritz


Senior Director, Knoxville, IHK, CPS, IAAP


Gisela Göritz has been a managing member of the Hansjörg Göritz Studio from its founding in Germany in 1986, and runs it as its senior managing director since 1999, with a focus of representing its Tennessee branch since 2007. She grew up in Lower Saxony, Germany, with a clear sense for pragmatics, and was trained in the industry as a business manager, followed by a professional CPS training with IHK at Blaupunkt, Germany. She is also an administrative specialist at the University of Tennessee.


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Peter Haslinger


Associate, Berlin, RA


Peter Haslinger, a native Austrian from Vienna, studied architecture at the Leibniz University Hannover, Germany in 1992 - 2000, and at the ETH Zürich 1998 - 1999. He joined the Hansjörg Göritz Studio as an intern in 1994. Upon licensure in 2000 he worked at the Vitra Design Museum Berlin  until 2003. In 2007 he rejoined the Studio as a an associate. Since 2004 he is also a lecturer and research fellow at his alma mater, at the Institute of Design and Architecture Theory.


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