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April 2015

Vaduz Garden in Blossom -

Unfolding an Urban Oasis


Each year in April this component integral to shaping the Principality of Liechtenstein's national assembly as an urban ensemble and forum unfolds its sublime ambience in serene white blossom under the pale blue spring skys in the Alps Rhine river valley. Although initially not a requirement to the project, its impact on making a stately place and contemplative garden space was never questioned. Today, almost a decade into its contribution to the public and state guests, the mature canopy of leaves and ephemeral blossom reveal the art of pruning amelanchier lamarkii from a plain june berry into an sophisticated urban grove of rosaceae. In the fall the leaves turn beautifully orange, also describing the species as copper rock pears.




Jürgen Fränzer, Helmut Drewes, Hansjörg Göritz