Hansjörg Göritz  Studio - Works

Town Garden Houses

Osnabrück, Germany



LBS Lower Saxony asked for a fundamental project of new townhouses to be designed as a case study suitable for re-densification of typical suburban ground consumptions. As generic business of building in the landscape does nothing but deleting it dwelling on this limited site calls for a basic project beyond another simple flight of row houses. The concept of building houses as gardens.

Added sequences of house-modules as enclosed gardens will give immense quality to both, private interior as well public exterior spaces within intensive of minimized building grounds - as inspired by Mies' and Barragan's courtyard houses as well as Utzon's Fredensborg settlement.



In collaboration with

Günther Despang, Martin Despang


Project Team

Stefan Höpfinger, Jörg Steveker



Jürgen Bötticher



Klemens Ortmeyer