Hansjörg Göritz  Studio - Works

The Grand Egyptian Museum

Giza, Egypt



Giza - a precious site within the transition from the Nile's fertile land to desert land, underneath the plateau with the Great Pyramids, along the desert roads to Alexandria and to Fayoum Oasis - is a highest possible challenge for a Great Egyptian Museum in the foregrounds of the Cairo megastructure.


A precise claim is laid out as a straight district within the desert's seam, parallel to Alexandrian desert road. A large-scale oasis, longitudinally stretched, featuring linearity as a fundamental heritage is directed to the Chefren among the Great Pyramids. Its parallel layering consists of a small desert lake in front, an inhabited temenos-wall, enclosing the cool of an internal pool, making a hypostyle on a central slab for the museum appear as its floating centerpiece. The scale of these pylons is rather that of a grove of towers, connected by textile parasols. Flights and gaps form small internal patios, with the enjoyment of enclosed oriental gardens. This entire mini mundus is supported by a vast world of cryptic magazine-depots.



Vittorio Magnano Lampugnani



Hansjörg Göritz






Drewes + Speth