Hansjörg Göritz  Studio - Works

Stones and Sketches


25 Years Studio Hansjörg Göritz

Museum Wiesbaden, Germany



This major show highlights milestones in the body of work over two and a half decades. Sketches and models, to Hansjörg Göritz most essential media for contextual and spacial design explorations, are parts of his storytelling. Once - in self-dialog, in studio; now - in public dialog with an audience, in an art museum. Complemented by the museum's permanent collections of Donald Judd, HG Merz, and Rebecca Horn, this temporary exhibit embodies the ephemeral, on the way towards a lasting dimension, built in stone. Its representation provides a graphic visual perspective on the creative process of making places and anticipating spaces outside of these walls. Documents of the work on the Liechtenstein State Forum and Parliament, the Grand Egyptian Museum, the Maschsee Tower House, and the Venice Architecture School become artifacts. Hansjörg Göritz inaugurated the exhibition in the context of the 2011 Rhine-Main Architecture Summer lecturing on Simple Works.


Exhibition Team

Alexander Klar, Helmut Boerdner



Museum Wiesbaden, Gesine Werner, Hansjörg Göritz