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Stones and Sketches


25 Years Studio Hansjörg Göritz

103 Gallery, University of Tennessee, USA



The work of Professor Hansjörg Göritz is honored with an exhibition at the Art and Architecture building on campus, which represents 25 years of selected award winning architecture. The exhibit consists of drawings, physical models, photographs and other representations. Starting the professional career in 1985 and founding his studio the following year, the work has been internationally recognized for the past 20 years. His studio is a workshop for an open-ended exploration of spaces in perceptive qualities. The resulting work is uncompromised, independent from style and trend, and reminds one of the essential beauty of complexity rendered simple.


Highlighted in the exhibition is a selected number of works in kilned and poured stone, with a focus on the international award winning National Capitol Forum and Assembly in the Principality of Liechtenstein. Some 600 original sketches and study models represent architecture as an applied art, a laborious process from idealization to realization, which is highlighted with documentary films.


Göritz' intention was to take the honor of an invited exhibition to not just showcase his studio's work. It rather was an opportunity to conceptualize and visualize the exhibit with the same dedication involved in the making of places and spaces and things, as a materialized spirit, from idealization to realization. The effort of making this exhibit was an collaboration with a number of student volunteers, involved in logistics, sequencing and implementation.



Exhibition Team

Matt Hall, with Mark Allmon, Eric Bennett, Bevin Brady, Elizabeth Cagle, Rodney Calvin, Katie O' Connell, Gisela Göritz, Cornelius Göritz, Meghann Gregory, Taylor Hahn, Kristin Karlinski, Alyssa Nealon, Megan Paris, Adam Richards, William Sealock, Zach Smith, Annie Stone, Brent Swingle, Adam Vanhooser, Ben Wathen.



General Shale Brick






Matt Hall, Cornelius Göritz