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July 2016

St Peter at 50 -

Opening the Exhibit


S:t Petri 50 År -

Kontext, Fragment & Influenser


'One only sees what one knows' -

Theodore Fontane provides us with the cognitive context for communicating the caliber of Sigurd Lewerentz's fascinatingly crude masterpiece to a broader public. Scholars provided their knowledge eloquently, our exploratory photographs from journeys of curiosity, alongside with drawn and written descriptions contextualize this palpably pure object. Owed to late Bernt Nyberg's rare video documentary, treasured for decades by artist Mariana Manner, a world video premiere shares glimpses of the construction, and we see and hear the master's rare comments. Among the many attempts to describe this church as a unique expression of the brutalist era, none regards it as a master's late work as his dealing with the spirit of the 1960's.




Hansjörg Göritz, Matthew Hall



Hansjörg Göritz, Matthew Hall, Nate Matteson,

Mariana Manner, Åsa Fridén



Bernt Nyberg



Matt Hall