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July 2016

Remembering 9-11


On September 11, 2001

I was transitioning to a new phase, concluding my professorship at Dortmund, Germany, bringing things in order, vacating office and studio spaces, and conducting other plain business with the support of my team.


An intense day with everyone focused on their orchestrated tasks had its sudden interruption with Ingo - one my assistants - approaching me in the campus quad, reporting in despair on the breaking news he had just heard of from the US under terrorist attack.


Not anywhere near a communication device, I remember us freezing and staring at each other dubious. Words heard evoked a surreal imagination desperately trying to grasp the intangible. Even now thoughts of that day conjure up feelings of finality. At two dramatically different places, scales and extends two moments of termination collapsed into one, to me inseparably connected ever since.




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