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May 2016

Lewerentz's St Peter Celebrating 50 Years -

Exhibition Work well under Way


S:t Petri 50 År -

Kontext, Fragment & Influenser


This summer the Klippan civic community along with the church community will celebrate the 50th anniversary of St Peter, the famous masterpiece of Sigurd Lewerentz. Based upon the Scandinavian recognition for the recent Nyberg exhibition curated by Matthew Hall, the community extended an invitation to our team for developing an exhibition at Klippans Konsthall that will contextualize this internationally acclaimed masterpiece. The work started in 2015 with Matthew Hall, Auburn University, as curator and designer; Hansjoerg Goeritz, University of Tennessee, co-curator, -designer, -editor, and -author; Nathan Matteson, DePaul University, graphic designer; and as contributing collabobartors: Wilfried Wang, University of Texas Austin; Ola Wedebrunn, Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, contributor; Per Ivansson, architect, translations; Mariana Manner, contributing artist. With preparations well under way, the exhibition will open on 2 July 2016.




Hansjörg Göritz, Matthew Hall



Hansjörg Göritz, Matthew Hall, Nate Matteson,

Marianna Manner, Åsa Fridén