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June 2015

Kahn Documentary -

The Enlightenment of Rome


A decade ago Academy Films Stuttgart invited Hansjörg Göritz to write about Nathaniel Kahn's feature film My Architect on his father's life and to introduce it to a European audience. In 2013 he went to Rome to see what Kahn saw, both - sixty years apart at the same age - taking the American Academy as a stronghold for their artistic endeavors. This summer Sundaram Tagore Galleries and STG Productions make final edits to a four year film documentary project on Louis I Kahn's opus magnum, the Dhaka National Assembly to Bangladesh, also investigating the master's formative experience of the masses of Rome and traveling Europe while an artist in residence at the academy at age fifty-two, after which his works turned what we worship as the great Kahn's oeuvre. Conversations of Sundaram Tagore meeting Hansjörg Göritz at his academy studio are included as reflections in this compelling project. Stay tuned for the launch of this feature length film, forty years after Kahn's passing.




Water Color

Inside Hadrian's Mausoleum, Hansjörg Göritz


Film Project

Sundaram Tagore Galleries, STG Productions


Launch Stills

Sundaram Tagore Galleries, New York