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October 2015

Kahn Book -

Honoring Tennessee Tenure


A student of Hansjörg Göritz' college design studio bringing a special book from the university library instigated us recall the commemorate moment of his 2010 Tennessee tenure. The University of Tennessee honors the tenure of its senior professors by acquiring a book of their candidates' choice. As such a unique book Hansjörg selected renowned photographer Raymond Meier's exquisite oeuvre on Louis I Kahn's Dhaka masterpiece. Photographing for the who-is-who in the world of fashion, Raymond also has an acquired taste for architecture and details. This limited two-volume edition Gesamtkunstwerk of the small Swiss label Edition Dino Simonett combines stunning photographs clothbound in a slipcase, signed and numbered.



Louis Kahn Dhaka

2004 Edition Dino Simonett



Raymond Meier, Hansjörg Göritz