Hansjörg Göritz  Studio - Works

Horstkotte House

Ahlem, Germany

1991 - 1993


The concept of this Hall within a Stone Block follows the notion of subtraction by carving space out of a pure block's massive volume. The design had to address questions of how to live in a cornerstone adjacent and oriented to the woods, however providing privacy on the way into a new housing development of typical dense contemporary heterogeneity. Inside the resulting compact corpus, a degree of comfortable simplification makes the spaces serene and atmospherically exhilarating in a nested, spaciously concentric layout. It profits from the controlled filtering of opening sieves and slots, conducting light and framing vistas. Luminous flights of rooms and views penetrate a small microcosm of peripheral privacy, surrounding a central space, to be conceived as an interior square where the family gathers, and providing the experience of withdrawal from the world, into a mini mundus, and further into the privacy behind interior facades that frame this space.


Project Architects

Ina Wässerling, Gordon Kisser



Ulrich Schmidt



Gert von Bassewitz