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June 2016

Europe Travels -

Essentials in Grand and Petite Design


Since it is the essentials in design convention that do matter to us as excellence, minimalism is not our preferred term. Multiple business travels to France, Sweden and Denmark once again reconnected Hansjörg Göritz to his cultural roots, experiencing such essentials in imprints across scales and contexts. Be it contained spaces at the National Library of France, the Roissy Airport and Bus Terminal exposing concrete pure - or be it sensual material qualities sculpted in brickwork for churches, monasteries and squares at Sövestad, Ystad, Grundvigt, Islev, Helsingör - or the landscapes to read and ultimately place designs to become a place, like in Skåne. In essence it is evidenced that architectures are places rather than built objects.




Hansjörg Göritz