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October 2015

Loggia -

Dortmunder Architekturausstellung


The German Institute for The Art of Urban Design at the University of Dortmund invited Hansjörg Göritz to contribute an exhibit for the 40th anniversary of the renowned Dortmund Architecture Talks on The Art of Urban Design: Balcony - Oriel - Loggia. After contributions on Roof in 2007 and Stairs in 2009, our studio selected Loggia as a third exhibit. The doublet of an own project and a favorite precedent showcases our Bamiyan Gardens Crypto Portico, Afghanistan, next to Louis I Kahn's Kimbell Garden Portico at Fort Worth.



LWL Industriemuseum Zeche Zollern

20 November 2015



Camilla Göritz, Hansjörg Göritz Archive