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April 2015

Auburn Lecture -

Place Space Matter


Student projects at Auburn reveal a healthy context of criteria that do not just claim but foster critical thinking, also keeping a good distance to the bandwagon of dancers around the golden calf of digitized nonsense.


Following up on last year's lecture, the focus is on advocating essential values to be established for a comprehensive architecture as an applied art across all scales, from context, through concept, to construct. Contextualizing an architecture as specific also includes the context of the designer, and the path he took, serving as role model, making a contribution to the greater good. A self explanatory materialization of a purpose may reestablish our craft as being responsive, bringing back meaning and mastery for each line, regaining respect for the discipline, and discovering mainstream's mannerist whim as superficial.


Conversations with students indicate that the guild may count on a critical mass.



Photography and Poster

Matt Hall